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Lumina Metallic Cone Yarn

Lumina Metallic Cone Yarn

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This is an exceptionally pliant, metallic yarn suitable for machine knitting or weaving by itself to fabricate garments that are luxurious, supple, and soft to the touch. For a finer version to ply with other yarn see our Luminesce quality.

Yarn Weight: 0 - Lace
Content: 65% Viscose, 35% Metallized Polyester
Yardage: 4,100 ypp
Put-Up: Cone
Approx. Weight: 1.10 lbs
Care: Dry Cleaning
Additional Information:
• See "7710 LUMINESCE" for a very-fine version suitable as an accent or mixing yarn.
• Stock colors : 002, 003, 891.
• Available as special order with minimum of 10 units per color
• A put-up/cone price is listed. View full details