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Cashmere Cone Yarn, NM 2/26

Cashmere Cone Yarn, NM 2/26

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The ultimate luxury of this soft, light cashmere yarn, which can be knitted into extraordinary garments, accessories or blankets. This high quality Mongolian cashmere can be used single ply for fine gauge machine knitting or ply it for mid gauge knitting and crochet. If you are looking for a specific color please contact us.

Yarn Weight: 0 - Lace
Content: 100% Cashmere
Yardage: 6,500 ypp
Put-Up: Cone
Approx. Weight: 2.20 lbs
Care: Dry Cleaning
Additional Information:
• Please note that to attain the fulled, soft and luxurious hand for which cashmere is known, it is necessary to wash, soften and carefully dry garments after knitting or weaving. The yarn can be employed in multiple ends to achieve a variety of weights.
• SPECIAL ORDER. Certain color available from stock till depleted. If not in stock, it is a special order.
• Put-up/Cone price is listed. View full details