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Fibonacci Dish Towel Kit

Fibonacci Dish Towel Kit

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The classic Fibonacci sequence 1-2-3-5-8-13-21 creates a pleasing striped warp, accentuated by solid horizontal bars, all in easy plain weave.

Fibonacci Dish Towel Kit includes:

  • Perle 5/2 Cotton Yarn: Cafe
  • Perle 5/2 Cotton Yarn: Ivory
  • Perle 5/2 Cotton Yarn: Sweet Potato or Oregano
  • Downloadable pattern

  • Fibonacci Dish Towel Kit requires but does not include:

  • 2-or 4-shaft loom or rigid heddle loom 18” weaving width
  • 15-dent reed
  • 1 boat shuttle and 3 bobbins, or 3 stick shuttles
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